You are passionate about the entrepreneurial adventure and want to invest your personal money in young companies with innovative concepts. You want to make a direct contribution to value creation, growth, employment and economic development. Then you are ready to become a Business Angel!

The Business Angel provides financial support to the entrepreneur, but not only … they also provide support, advice and support throughout the project. There is a minority stake in the capital of the financed company, to leave maximum freedom to the entrepreneur and to better prepare for subsequent financing.

The Business Angel invests part of their assets in an innovative company with high growth potential and, in addition to their money, provides the entrepreneur with free access to their skills, experience, relationship networks and part of their time.

Former head of a company or still in activity, a senior executive with certain assets, and who is able to invest between 10,000 and 200,000 euros per year.

The entrepreneur who has previously created their business, sold it a few years later, and can invest amounts between 50,000 and 500,000 euros.

The member of a “family office” (group of investors who are members of the same family).

Investing in an innovative company being created generally involves a very high risk: this risk is proportional to the potential capital gain, which can turn out to be very significant. However, the Business Angel must remain cautious in their capacity to invest and must not put themselves, or their family, in danger by investing more than 5 to 10% of their available capital.

In general, the Business Angel is more experienced than the entrepreneur. He or she can therefore provide them with the skills acquired during their professional career. When several Business Angels come together to invest in a common project, skills and support of the entrepreneur are multiplied.

The Business Angel, who is often a former leader, brings their technical and managerial expertise to the entrepreneur. It allows them to put into perspective and understand the short term, while preparing for the future. If the Business Angel is a former entrepreneur, the contribution of their experience is twofold.

Everyone has their own network of relations that can bring notoriety and credibility to the project. These various networks offer the possibility of opening doors, be they financial, relational or even political. Having good contacts then makes it easier to negotiate, especially with investment funds.

The Business Angel must make themselves available to spend time with the founding team, without, however, directly participating in the operational management of the business.

Business Angels invest their money, time, and effort in the companies of tomorrow.

Their role is essential because it provides expertise, support, and funding, at a crucial time in the company’s development! Few of the ecosystem players are ready to take certain risks and provide this support. The company does not have enough assets to reassure mainstream banks, and investment funds cannot devote resources to support a relatively small investment. Thanks to their responsiveness and low risk aversion, Business Angels are essential players in the initial financing of young companies with high growth potential. They are the only ones capable of taking on this role on a large scale.

Business Angels intervene in the start-up phase, generally when the company has proven its concept, that is to say has shown that its offer has found a market start with first sales, prototypes or interested in future partners.

Business Angels, alone or with others, are likely to finance investments of 100k € to nearly 1,000k €.

Less Business Angels intervene after “love money”, public support and honorary loans (which allow the entrepreneur to find the financing to start their activity) and before the intervention of private equity professionals (innovation capital, development capital).

France Angels brings together more than 5,000 Business Angels, spread over 64 networks across the country or acting individually.

Do not hesitate to join this community of investors who act without intermediation and can thus make their decisions with full knowledge of the projects and the men and women who carry them.

There are two possibilities for you to become a Business Angel within France Angels:


Integrate a network of business angles

You can either contact the network that best meets your expectations or contact France Angels for guidance and advice.

Individual Business Angel
You can either complete the following membership questionnaire or contact France Angels if you need additional information.